Keep cool all summer long

Nothing is quite as disappointing as turning your vehicle's A/C on and having warm air continually blow out, or even no air blows out at all. You're instantly uncomfortable and frustrated.

There is no reason to suffer without air conditioning in your vehicle. Bring it to our friendly and knowledgeable staff to get immediate repairs before further damage occurs. Often, when your air conditioning isn't performing right, it is an easy fix. Don't suffer for longer than you have to, see us immediately.

Independent and family owned

Expect a thorough inspection from ASE certified technicians to determine exactly what is ailing your A/C. Then fast and affordable repairs will be made so you can enjoy that cool burst of air from your vents once again.


 Here's what we have to offer you

- A/C recharge service

- A/C repairs

- Freon replenishment

- Performance check and diagnostics

 Bring your vehicle in for mechanical issues

Even major mechanical issues are handled with ease in our shop. Relax knowing computer diagnostics will be used to determine what mechanical problems are an issue.

"The entire repair bill was over $200 less than the estimate given to me to by my former mechanic for the compressor alone."
- Robert N.