Save time and money with regular maintenance

Don't neglect your vehicles need for maintenance, which includes more than just an oil change every few months. Let us help you set up a schedule for maintenance that will keep your car in great shape and help it last for years. You'll also avoid expensive repairs when all your vehicle's components are in working order thanks, to service from our ASE certified technicians.

Any make or model can be maintained in our shop! Just give us a call or stop in to arrange for what you need immediately, and then schedule future work.

Gain performance benefits

Your car will no longer be sluggish upon acceleration. You'll also get more miles per gallon, and avoid having the engine overheat. You'll gain many more benefits when you let our experience handle your maintenance for you.

Routine maintenance includes

-  Oil changes

-  Tune ups - Special! 79.95 on a 4-cyl vehicle

-  Tire balancing and rotation

-  Fuel filter

Feeling the heat in your car?

Let our techs take care of that for you. Many times your A/C can be fixed easily! Bring your vehicle in for diagnostics to see what needs to be fixed and get a fair price.

"These guys are the real deal. They take good care of me and my family. I took several cars to get maintenance work done I was in and out."

- Jason W.