Be fully confident in your vehicle's ability to stop

If your brakes are making strange noises, or not catching the moment you depress them, you should get service immediately. Bring your vehicle in for brake diagnostics to determine the issue. Your brakes will be fixed by ASE certified technicians who are up to date on all types and can provide expert repairs to disc brakes, drum brakes, and anti-lock braking systems.

You can even have your parking brake serviced, Prevent your vehicle from rolling when it's not being driven by keeping this brake in check.

Anti-lock brake service

Your computer-controlled anti-lock braking systems prevent wheel lock-up. Let us repair any part of the system including wheel-speed sensors, hydraulics, and the on-board computer.

Get these brake services among others

-  Master cylinder

-  Lines and hoses

-  Cylinders and calipers

-  Brakes and shoes

Be sure you have complete control

Your steering system is just as important as your brakes. You maintain control with it, therefore it's imperative it's in full working order at all times. See us for steering service

"I've been there 2 times so far. First time was a small repair and they got me in and out in minutes. Second time was a bigger repair and they were great!"

 - Fatima V.



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