Does your car want to go a different direction?

Get it under control with steering and suspension repairs. At times, you have to really put your back into controlling your steering wheel. Know the latest diagnostic equipment will be used to determine exactly what is wrong with your system. Your steering column may also shake due to suspension problems. Shocks and struts have the job of absorbing shock to give you a smooth ride.

For both steering and suspension, you should see our ASE certified technicians who have a desire to deliver that old-school service that is so rare these days.

Any system will be serviced here

Whether your car or truck has shock absorbers or a strut-based system, rely on our techs who have the knowledge to keep them in check, So you and your passengers are safe at all times.

Watch for these warning signs

-  Noise driving over bumps

-  A shaky ride

-  Crooked steering wheel

-  Tires wearing unevenly


Invest now and save later

Schedule your routine maintenance according to your manufacturer's recommendations. You will reap the benefits in repair costs down the road!

"No shady work at this place, the mechanic gives you a honest opinion on labor and parts."

- Jason W.



Call now for the most competitive pricing on necessary repairs